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Nigeria Scrabble Players Competition holds in Lagos

As the World Scrabble Champion, Wellington Jighere prepares to defend his title in Lille, France, Nigeria Scrabble Friends (#NSFriends) is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of Nigeria Scrabble Players Competition (#NSPC3) which is the last tune up even before the world event.

The event holds on 30th and 31st July, 2016 at the Media Hall of the Teslim Balogun Stadium.

There will be a Masters category where the heavyweights will compete for honors. A novel Intermediate/Opens/Veteran Category also exists where all participants will joust evenly but Prizes will be allocated based on standings on the National Ratings, according to organisers.

#NSPC3, as the name suggests, is the 3rd event Scrabble competition completely hatched, nurtured and sponsored through the initiative and drive of Scrabble players themselves, the prize money to be handed to winners are all freely donated by the players themselves.

#NSPC3 is headed to Lagos after previous events have gone to Abeokuta and Port Harcourt.

The organisers believe the future of the game is secured when they can transfer knowledge and skills to the younger ones which explains why they have the School Scrabble Category in this year’s edition.

In support of this competition, we have to acknowledge #KenyaAirways for sponsoring International Flight Tickets to #NSPC3.

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