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NPFL ref Alaba forcefully retired for ‘mismanagement of matches’

The Referees Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation has retired Referee Abiodun Alaba of Ogun State with immediate effect, for “flagrant mismanagement of matches.”

After its meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, during which it routinely reviewed the performance of all referees in the Nigeria Professional Football League matches in the past two months, the committee said it was taking the decision as a result of Alaba’s flagrant mismanagement of matches.

“Referee Abiodun Alaba lost absolute control of the NPFL Match No. 223 between MFM FC [Lagos] and Shooting Stars of Ibadan played at the Agege Stadium, Lagos on Sunday, 19 June 2016. He was not able to manage several frustrating antics of players during the match in spite of the helpful support from his assistant referees.

“The Committee recalled that Referee Abiodun Alaba was suspended last season from active refereeing for similar lapses. Since it had become obvious that he is not going to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Federation to improve on his art of refereeing in the past one year, the NFF Referees Committee has decided to retire him from active football refereeing with immediate effect,” the statement read.

The league match between MFM and 3SC played at the Agege Stadium on Sunday was marred by crowd trouble, and as a result, MFM was fined N2m among other punishments.

The game was won by 3SC 1-0.

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